Specialty Coffee roasted to

taste great at home

Why does coffee at a specialty shop taste so much better than home?

It doesn't need to be! We roast our coffee with home equipment in mind.
Bring that amazing taste of high specialty coffee to your home.

More than a thousand people have already enjoyed our beans

Lieve from Groningen
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Delicious coffee from fresh coffee beans, sustainable and at a fair price, I am a fan and can definitely recommend this coffee!
Pieter from Rotterdam, NL
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Perfect coffee. Just bought beans. Top!!
Marco from Rotterdam, NL
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Super friendly staff, great looking store and amazing coffee. I’ll definitely be coming back
Fatima from Eindhoven, NL
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G. de Boer from Rotterdam, NL
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Definitely one of the best places to get some specialty coffee. Very delicious!



High quality beans & Sustainable sourcing

Our love for great coffee is our driver. Sustainable sourcing is our commitment.

Taste is everything!

100% specialty coffee. Enjoy world class quality coffee in the comforts of your own home.

Fair pay for Farmers

We know our farmers. Typically there is 1 or 2 middlemen for logistics. Therefore, we're able to pay our farmers a fair price that is on average 80% higher than a Fairtrade price.

Small scale and climate consiscous

Our farmers operate small farms where they work with nature in a sustainable and ecological way. That's how we try to limit our CO2 footprint.

Treat yourself to a Coffee Adventure

Coffee from around the world

Onboard on a coffee adventure

Fast deliver with Track&Trace

Often delivered the next day.

Delivery through the mailbox

Up to 500grams fits through the mailbox.

Garanteed Fresh Beans

The roasting date is on the packaging.

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