Lotus Water Drops


Lotus Water Drops are liquid minerals you can add to distilled water to achieve the perfect water for your filter coffee, espresso or tea.

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Lotus Water Drops are the easiest and most versatile way to optimize your water for coffee brewing. We use Lotus Drops at home daily to both improve the quality of my water for coffee, and to learn more about how hardness, alkalinity, calcium, magnesium, and sodium affect coffee flavor. The process has been enlightening, humbling, and fun.

The Drops are especially useful for roasters who want to mimic their clients’ various water chemistries, and for consumers who live in places with very hard water and want to use distilled or reverse-osmosis water as a base for their water for coffee making.

Please note this kit does not include the 450ml glass bottle. We recommend using the Drops with a scale.

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