Brewista Smart Scale II


Smart scale with great features for coffee and tea lovers.

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Please note: This latest model has undergone some changes compared to the previous version. In this edition, the orange display and buttons have been replaced with a white display and buttons.

Precision is key to the perfect cup of coffee or tea. With the Brewista Smart Scale II coffee scale, you can weigh your coffee grounds or fresh tea leaves with accuracy down to 0.1 grams, ensuring consistent preparation of your preferences every time.

In addition to measuring coffee grounds, the Brewista scale is also designed for measuring your shot volume in your cup. Place the empty cup on the (water-resistant!) scale, tare it (zero it out), and you’ll precisely know your shot volume, and thus your coffee-to-water ratio!

Apart from being waterproof, the scale comes with another handy feature: it charges via a USB connection. This means both the battery life and overall lifespan of the scale are longer than its predecessor, which used standard AA batteries.

The scale can weigh up to 2000 grams at a time, with a maximum deviation of 0.1 grams. It features 6 user profiles, a tare function, timer, and is perfect for preparing both espresso and filter coffee. An essential tool for baristas, whether at home or in the hospitality industry.

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